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Our Services
Tax Optimization
We make taxes easy and simple for you. How? We take the hassle of making sure you took advantage of all credits and benefits the IRS allows... continue
Financial Independence
It does take a disciplined person to acheive their retirement goal only if your planning for retirement on your own.Lindsey Financial, Inc.... continue
Investment Planning
Many people are involved in the stock market. How many of them are educated about making the right decisions so that their investments ... continue
Estate Planning
Planning for your Estate can be somewhat complex. Knowing about all the intricate little details about how the Estate Tax works is time consuming. ... continue
Business Succession
Because the business is typically the single largest asset of their net worth, it is or is planning to be in the mind of the business owner... continue
Asset Protection
Let Lindsey Financial, Inc. help protect your families most prized possessions.... continue
Accounting Services
If you are a small business owner or manager who wants more control over the financial state of the organization, but the cost of hiring a full or ... continue
Incorporation Services
Why Should You Consider Incorporation? Corporations and LLC's are both separate legal entities (business structures) that enjoy certain protections under ... continue
Start-Up Business Services
Starting up your own business is a big decision to make, it carries many benefits but also an equal number of risks. However, with careful pre-planning many of the risks can be minimized.... continue

Our Mission...
"Our mission at Lindsey Financial, Inc. is to help wealthy families develop clear plans, make choices, and take action to minimize taxes and risks while maximizing capital for retirement, family, and a meaningful legacy."
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All of our planning team members are expected to uphold the principles published by the Financial Planning Association:

  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Competence
  • Fairness
  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism
  • Diligence
Meet Us Your Resources
Each team member is carefully chosen based on his or her expertise and abilities, then extensively trained to deliver the superior service that Lindsey Financial, Inc. clients have come to appreciate. continue